NO GLUE SLIMES! Testing NO GLUE Slime Recipes!

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NO GLUE SLIMES! Testing NO GLUE Slime Recipes!
➳ Hello everyone! Today I am testing your no glue slime recipes in this video! Thank you so much for sending me some! Some of them were unusual but interesting! LOVE YOUU!

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Elmer’s Gallon Glue –
Liquid Starch –
Borax –
Contact Lens Solution (2 pack) –
Multi-colored Styrofoam Beads –
Fruit/Fimo Slices –
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23 thoughts on “NO GLUE SLIMES! Testing NO GLUE Slime Recipes!

  1. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for telling me what I did wrong. I will test some of these again in another video. 😄😀

    EDIT: FYI I am not dumb. I don’t believe a recipe don’t work until I have personally tried it. & If I did it wrong, okay I understand but you don’t need to call me stupid for failing. 😂

  2. i have can usually use peel of facial mask..must contain PVA..then mix shaving foam, Foaming soap and borax together as usual..

  3. Test out this one because it actually works I tried it!!: Buy a Freeman’s cucumber face mask from like Walmart, riteaid, target, Walgreens, a beauty supply store, or an online store, and pour it into a bowl, then add your activator (borax, detergent, contact solution, etc.). And mix.

  4. I have a recipe that I used when I was in 3rd grade you have to get elmore glue sticks and…um…chopstick then mix it for a whole minute then let it set for 5-10 EDIT:5-10 minutes

  5. You can use sunsilk shampoo and activator of choice but i guess it would be hard for you to find sunsilk shampoo because it is from the philipines

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