Best Glitter Slime Recipe

 The Best Recipe on How to Make Glitter Slime

Our glitter slime recipe is very fun to make. You can use all types of glitter or sequence. This recipe is really simple and easy.From my experience I suggest one thing, to be creative. The more you are creative with it the better it will turn out. Let’s get to it! For this recipe all you will need is glue ( I prefer Elmer’s ), liquid starch or any activator, but liquid starch is best for your hands, and glitter ( any type ).First, pour the white Elmer’s glue into a bowl. Fill the nearly empty bottle with warm water, then put the lid back on and shake the bottle. This helps get out all the glue and adds the right amount of water. If you want your slime to be moldable don’t add water, but adding water gives gives the slime a slimy consistency witch will help the glitter stick better.Next, pour the watery substance into the bowl and mix with a spoon. After well mixed together add liquid starch into the mix. Mix both the liquid starch and glue-water together for a few minutes until the slime forms. Then, slowly fold in the glitter. You have to slowly fold in the glitter so that it can mix well into the slime and so it also doesn’t make a mess. There are no precise measurements when adding in the glitter. ( preferred measurement 3tbs. )

glitter slime recipe Best Glitter Slime Recipe Ingredients

•4oz Elmer’s glue
•1/2 cup of liquid starch
•3tbs. glitter
(witch makes about 4.5oz.)

To be honest this is a really fun and simple glitter slime recipe to make. It was also very satisfying to play with. I have tested this DIY  a few times and they have all worked out. One time I added in silver,rose gold, and gold glitter. It was metallic and the prettiest slime I have ever made. I have failed once  only because I didn’t store my slime correctly. So make sure to also keep your slime stored in airtight container or bag.