Best Fluffy Slime Recipe

Recipe For Making The Best Fluffy Slime

Here is a basic recipe on how to make fluffy slime with shaving cream. This classic slime recipe can be made with contact solution, Elmer’s glue, and shaving cream. You can replace the contact lens solution with detergent or liquid starch, which ever you prefer. You can also use borax and water but borax has been proven to be dangerous if not used properly. When you make fluffy slime there are no precise measurements, it all depends in the amount  of slime you want to make. Since this is a glue based recipe the same amount of glue should be added in as shaving cream. When adding these two substances I suggest pouring the glue in first because pouring the glue on top of the shaving cream can also flatten out your slime. Now fold it in with a mixing tool. I suggest not to stir because it will turn the shaving cream into a flat consistency. Don’t be afraid to add more shaving cream. Add as much as you want. The fluffier the better! Now that the two substances are mixed together you are now able to add contact solution witch will activate the slime. Start of with adding in a little bit you can keep adding more until your slime is less sticky. Kneed and play with it until it becomes non-sticky. And then your slime will be ready to play with.

Here is The Best Fluffy Slime Recipe


Ingredients to Make 4oz of Fluffy Slime

•1 cup of contact solution

•4oz of glue

•4oz of shaving cream




Ingredients to Make 8oz of Fluffy Slime

•2oz of glue

•1/2 cup of contact solution

•2oz of shaving cream


If you want to make 16oz then double the amount of ounces and cups for making 8oz  


fluffy slime recipe This is a really great recipe to try! I’ve used this recipe a few times this recipe is really simple and easy to make. I  have failed once but only because I added to much contact solution. Honestly this is a really fun slime recipe and I enjoyed making it so I hope you have fun making this at home with family and friends.

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